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Birthday Photo-shoot

It’s been a long time since I posted a blog. Not had the inspiration in a while as photography seemed most distant with the turmoil in my consultancy activity getting in the way. Now that I’ve moved out of one permanent job into a contract role to be followed very soon by another contract position […]

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Website Refresh

I have made a few changes to the website to hopefully make it a bit less cumbersome and concentrating the photo galleries under one menu heading.  The Buy Prints listing has been deleted but where there are prints for sale from a shoot it will be possible for clients to make purchases from the gallery […]

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Long Absence – Update

Just in case anyone is interested, the gallery pages of the website have now been fixed.  I have nothing but high praise for the support that I have received from the Photocrati team on this occasion and in the past.  The response from Drew of the support team was quick and informed and solved the […]

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Long Absence

It has been quite a while since I last looked at my website and added to the blog posts.  There have been a few issues that have been getting in the way of my photography and my life in general. There has been nothing serious, just general life issues – work, family etc. Anyway, nothing […]

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End Of …

“End Of …” is the title of the end of course show for the students of the Foundation Degree course in Professional Photography from the City of Bristol College.  The show finishes today (15th June) and has been open to the public from Saturday (11th June).  We had a well attended and successful preview evening […]

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… All Set Now

I have spent most of the day messing around with a logo designs as the previous version was a little to much of a cliche and for some in the family was not simple enough.  The result is a simple use of my name with a bit of theme matching colour and some minor adjustments […]

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A Selection of Black & White Images

A bit more experimentation…

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An Image to Tempt …

The whole point of this website is photography.  So I thought I had better post an image straight away. This image is one of a set that I have been working on for my latest college assignment.  I have taken them all in the littoral environment utilising  using ultra long exposures to transform the movement […]

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Adding Content

I knew it would happen…  As soon as I started developing from scratch using WordPress it was inevitable that someone would come along and see the under belly of the construction.  I suppose that this is the problem with using a Content Management System such as WP where the site is constructed online and live. […]

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Under Construction

I don’t like to leave websites in this sort of state, but this one is definitely under construction.  Please return in the near future to see what I have done with it.  This is my first experience with WordPress so be gentle with me if I do not make quick progress at getting it running […]

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